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DNA Sequencing Pricing

High Throughput DNA Prep + DNA Sequencing (96-well Plates)

Plasmid Prep and Sequencing $384 per plate ($4 per reaction)*
2nd Read Direction
$288 per plate ($3 per reaction)*
Primer Plate Prep $30/plate read*

* Per plate price is a savings of nearly $1.50 per sample!

*Must have minimum of 48 samples/plate in order to receive plate pricing

* For any plate read containing > 4 primers, a primer plate must be provided or a fee will be assessed.

DNA Sequencing Prices

High Throughput (96-well Plates) $336 per plate ($3.50 per reaction)
Individual Samples $7 per reaction
Difficult Template $3 per reaction extra added on to above cost

*Must have minimum of 48 samples/plate in order to receive plate pricing


DNA Preparation Prices

Samples sent as bacterial colonies, glycerol stocks, pelleted cultures, crude PCR product

High Throughput (96-well Plates)
*Plasmid Purification $144 per plate ($1.50 per well)
PCR and Cleanup $144 per plate (1.50 per well)
PCR Cleanup, only $96 per plate ($1.00 per well)

Individual Samples
*Plasmid Purification $2.50 per sample
PCR $2.50 per sample
PCR Cleanup $1.50 per sample

*Additional handling fee of $.50/per sample is charged for samples provided as
glycerol stocks or bacteria colonies on agar plates to cover the additional cost of growth. 

Ready To Inject Plates

High Throughput (96-well Plate) $95 per plate
Individual Samples $3 per reaction

For information on how samples should be prepared please visit the Sample Submission page.

Please contact us with any questions.