In this pipeline we would receive the samples, pick and grow the colonies from agar plates, perform plasmid purification minipreps and then perform the DNA sequencing reactions. Pricing is as follows:

96-well Plates$540 per plate (add'l reads are $300/plate)
Individual Samples$11 per samples (add'l reads are $7/sample)

Bacterial Colony Preparation

It is important that colonies on the agar plates are not too dense. If populations become too dense it increases the risk of contamination in the picking process. If you have specific colonies you would like picked please indicate the colonies you would like by circling the bottom of the plate.

Shipment of Bacterial Colonies

Bacterial colonies grown on agar plates should be shipped overnight on ice packs or at room temperature; dry ice can ruin the sample.

Please enclose a printed copy of your Sample Submission Form and ship (via any carrier) to:

Functional Biosciences, Inc.
505 South Rosa Road
Suite 238
Madison, WI 53719

Please note that samples are not delivered to our facilities on Saturday or Sundays.