Tired of doing your own MiniPreps?

Let Functional Biosciences do them for you! We can extract and purify your plasmids of interests from a variety of templates.

Accepted Starting Materials

Agar Plates
Pelleted Cultures
Glycerol Stocks

Combining plasmid purification with the growing of samples and sequencing of a 96 well plate provides the most cost-effective option. However, we do offer plasmid purification as a standalone service.

Plate Plasmid Purification + DNA Sequencing – $492.00
*Growing of cultures adds additional $48/plate*

Plate Plasmid Purification with no DNA Sequencing – $300.00

Individual Plasmid Purification – $4.00

Fast turn-around – Starting at 2 business days
Time Savings – More time for data analysis and new project ideas
Save on reagents – No more wasting unused reagents