For this sample type, we would receive the Pelleted Cultures in a deep-well plate, purify by miniprep, and then the DNA will be sequenced.

Preparation of Pelleted Cultures

Colonies should be grown in Terrific Broth using “Square Section” Deep-Well Plates. Add 1 mL of Terrific Broth solution to each well, inoculate with bacteria then cover with airpore tape.

Grow the cultures in a heated shaker.  Growing conditions vary depending on the type of shaker you are using. Optimal growth is an O.D600 of 1.0-4.0.  With our in-house shakers, which have a 3 mm horizontal-circular orbit, we shake at 800 rpm’s for 14.5 hours.

After growth, pellet the cultures by spinning at 1500 x g for 15 minutes.

Dump off the supernatant then pound the block upside down on a paper towel to remove any residual fluid.

After supernatant is removed, seal with foil tape to prepare for shipment. Some plastic tapes will lose their seal during shipment on dry ice. Store the blocks at -80C until shipment.

Pelleted Cultures should be sent overnight on dry ice. We do not recommend sending Pelleted Cultures out through a carrier on a Friday, as we do not receive shipments over the weekend.