Samples sent as purified DNA will be sequenced at the following price:

96-well Plates$360 per plate
Individual Samples$7 per sample

Preparing Purified DNA

Purified Plasmids: The quality of the DNA sequencing reaction depends on the quality of the purified DNA. Most DNA purification kits should provide DNA at a quality sufficient for sequencing.  DNA should be provided at a concentration of 100ng/ul in a volume of 10ul. Feel free to use this Dilution Calculator to help get the right concentration.

PCR Products: The quality of the DNA sequencing reaction depends on the cleanliness of the PCR product. In our lab we use an EXO/SAP clean-up, but other commercially available protocols will work as well. To avoid any degradation of the ends of the PCR products we recommend cleaning the samples immediately after the PCR reaction. Purified PCR products should be provided in a total volume of about 10µL and concentrated per the chart below. Feel free to use this Dilution Calculator to help get the right concentration.

Length of PCR ampliconDesired ng/µL
100-200 bp5
200-500 bp5-10
500-1000 bp10-20
1000-2000 bp20-40
>2000 bp50

For pre-mixed samples we require a total of 20 picomoles of primer per 15ul of premix. We recommend using the following formula to create pre-mix samples: DNA: N=0.1 x (vector size in base pairs + insert sizes in base pairs). *N is the nanograms of DNA that should be added to each 15ul of premix.

Shipping Purified DNA

Individual samples can be shipped at room temperature without degradation of results as long as the samples are free of contaminants. Be sure that each sample is tightly sealed. For 1.7 ml tubes, many customers like to wrap the tops in parafilm as an additional safeguard.

For 96-well plates, we recommend the following to prevent leakage during shipment:

  • Seal the plates tightly. Strip caps are the most reliable option, just make sure the caps and plate are compatible, forming a tight seal. If you want to use tape pads we recommend that you use a strong aluminum sealing tape, ship on dry ice (see below), and make sure the tape is firmly sealed around each individual well. In our experience, some plastic tapes can lose their seal when shipped on dry ice.
  • Freeze the samples and ship on dry ice. Dry ice will keep the samples frozen during shipment, which should guard against any possible leakage. Cold packs do not offer the same guarantee, especially during the warm summer months. If you are confident that your plate is well sealed, you can send purified plasmids and purified pcr products at room temperature without degrading the results.
  • Pack the plates snugly to minimize shifting or jostling during shipment. You may want to use some paper or foil to fill any extra space in the box.

Upon receipt, we will check the seals and well volumes to make sure that no leakage is evident.

Please enclose a printed copy of your Sample Submission Form and ship (via any carrier) to:

Functional Biosciences, Inc.
505 South Rosa Road
Suite 238
Madison, WI 53719

Please note that samples are not delivered to our facilities on Saturday or Sundays.