Looking to outsource your PCR projects?
Let Functional Biosciences design your primers, optimize the PCR conditions, amplify, and sequence your samples! Please contact sequence@functionalbio.com to discuss your PCR project and get a price quote.

For Genomic DNA we ask that the concentration is ~20ng/µL in a total volume of at least 10µL per sample. If
your sample is lower in concentration, please provide more volume. Primers should be provided at 10uM with
the following volumes:

  • For 96-well format, provide at least 200 µL of primer in a tube for each full plate.
  • For individual samples, provide 2 µl of primer per PCR & sequencing reaction + 5 µL.
    • Example: 4 PCR reactions + 4 sequencing reactions = 16µL + 5 = 21µL total primer to send.
  • Seal the plates tightly. Strip caps are the most reliable option, just make sure the caps and plate are compatible and form a tight seal. If you want to use tape pads we recommend that you use a strong aluminum sealing tape, making sure the tape is firmly sealed around each individual well, and ship on dry ice (see below). In our experience, some plastic tapes can lose their seal when shipped on dry ice.
  • Freeze the samples and ship on dry ice. Dry ice will keep the samples frozen during shipment, which should guard against any possible leakage. Cold packs do not offer the same guarantee, especially during the warm summer months. If you are confident that your plate is well sealed, you can send purified plasmids and purified pcr products at room temperature without degrading the results.
  • Pack the plates snugly to minimize shifting or jostling during shipment. You may want to use some paper or foil to fill any extra space in the box.
  • Upon receipt, we’ll check the seals and well volumes to make sure that no leakage is evident.

    Please enclose a printed copy of your Sample Submission Form and ship (via any carrier) to:

    Functional Biosciences, Inc.
    505 South Rosa Road
    Suite 238
    Madison, WI 53719

    Please note that samples are not delivered to our facilities on Saturday or Sundays.