In this pipeline we would receive the samples, grow a culture from the stock, perform plasmid purification miniprep and perform the DNA sequencing reaction. The cost for this as follows:

96-well Plates$540 per plate (add'l reads are $300/plate)
Individual Samples$11 per sample (add'l reads are $7/sample)

Preparing Glycerol Stocks

After preparation of your glycerol stocks remove a minimum of 15ul into a new 96-well plate or strip-tube for shipment.

Shipping Glycerol Stocks

Glycerol stocks should remain frozen until shipment and should be sent overnight on dry ice.

Please enclose a printed copy of your Sample Submission Form and ship (via any carrier) to:

Functional Biosciences, Inc.
505 South Rosa Road
Suite 238
Madison, WI 53719

Please note that samples are not delivered to our facilities on Saturday or Sundays.