At Functional Biosciences, we accept a wide variety of templates for your Sanger sequencing needs. All Sanger Sequencing reactions are done using BigDye v3.1 and run on ABI 3730xl instruments. A complete list of acceptable sample types is listed below.

At no cost to you, we provide the use of a wide selection of primers. Check out our primers page for a complete list.

Sample Types

Samples can be submitted in individual tubes or in plates. At Functional Biosciences, we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs. Keeping this flexibility in mind, we accept samples in almost any type of microcentrifuge tube, strip-tube, or plate.

What Sets Us Apart

Free Primers – We offer a standard list of primers free to use for all your orders. Check out the full list here.

Quality – A typical sequencing read will provide about 800 bases Phred20 with total lengths up to 1000 bases. Each read comes with a Quality Score and Contiguous Read Length report. If there are any questions regarding quality of a read, please email

Tech Support – Email updates on the receipt of samples, during processing, and upon completion are provided for each order. Any questions regarding your results, sample submission, or specialty projects can be answered by our technicians daily from 8am-5pm CST via phone call or email.

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Difficult Template Sequencing – Are those pesky regions stalling your projects? Let our special protocols for High GC content, hairpins, etc. help you move forward with your research.

Individual Sample Turnaround Times


If you have any questions about submitting samples for Sanger Sequencing or have any larger sequencing projects that you would like us to provide a quote, please email