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Committed to providing high quality sequencing data.

excellent customer service and dedication

Customer Service

Dedicated to solving problems and answering customer questions

community of research that is local and high quality

Community of Research

Facilitating research locally and globally

Our Mission

At Functional Biosciences we believe in advancing biological research by providing reliable DNA sequencing services and active customer service.

Our Vision

We will be a sustaining resource for out clients by continuing our focus on communication, affordability, and personalized service.

About Us

Functional Biosciences began servicing University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and Madison area companies in 2003. We believed it was necessary to provide services to researchers in order to facilitate and encourage biological research. Since our inception, we have scaled up our capacity to accommodate the increasing need for DNA sequencing. We now proudly provide services to companies and research institutions around the world. Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of thousands of sequencing reactions for public and private universities, entities, and organizations. This growth excites us, and we are eager to continue our work in supporting the research community.