Why choose Functional Biosciences? The short answer is because we will take care of you.


Since the company’s inception in 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin, we have continued to grow and learn with the industry. Our customers cover a wide range of academic institutions, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. With a 24-hour turn-around time we provide quick and accurate results to accommodate high volume projects.

Customer First

At Functional Biosciences, our mission is simply to provide high quality DNA sequencing at affordable prices and provide common sense customer service.

What does this mean to you? It means that not only will you receive exceptional quality results, but also, we will treat you as we would like to be treated if we were the customer. When you call us, a real live person answers the phone, and we will make sure your questions get answered immediately. All team members at Functional Biosciences are trained to think about every situation as if they were in your shoes and are given the authority to make decisions based on this. On occasion, you may get the voicemail; however, if you leave a message, we promise to call you back promptly.

Our Mission

We believe all research is valuable research and strive to advance the cumulative scientific field through reliable and cost-efficient DNA Sequencing services.

Customer Testimonials

“Thus, we know that this process is not easy, and we cannot express the gratitude we have for what you all do for us and your other customers. Not only do you take time to have one-on-one interaction per sample, but you have shown us promising results for years. We understand many samples we send do not give immediate results, so you must take additional effort to optimize or run new protocols for us. Thank you. Thank you for always returning data and if data cannot be obtained, you still return excellent level of customer care to us.”

“We also highly appreciate having you as our sequencing service provider. Our work by nature requires high quality traces and tight turnaround time and that is exactly what Functional Biosciences will provide. We have also noticed that the online order submission has become user friendlier, and the communication has improved. We also value much your team’s customer service skills and unflagging desire to help.”