Samples sent as Crude PCR products will be cleaned using our Exo/Sap protocol and then DNA will be sequenced. The prices are as follows:

96-well Plates$336 per plate (Add'l reads are $336/plate)
Individual Samples $8.50 per sample (Add'l reads are $7/sample)

Preparing Crude PCR Products

To avoid any degradation it is important that your samples are frozen immediately after amplification. Crude PCR product should be provided at about 50ng/µl in a minimum total volume of 10µl.

Shipping Crude PCR Products

Please ship overnite on dry ice. If possible, seal the plate with foil tape. Some plastic tapes lose their seal when shipped on dry ice.

Please enclose a printed copy of your Sample Submission Form and ship (via any carrier) to:

Functional Biosciences, Inc.
505 South Rosa Road
Suite 238
Madison, WI 53719

Please note that samples are not delivered to our facilities on Saturday or Sundays.