During the PCR process, unincorporated dNTPs and oligonucleotides often remain in your sample! We utilize ExoSAP enzymatic cleanup to rid the sample of any potential contaminants in preparation for sequencing.

Crude PCR products should be provided in a total volume of at least 10µL and concentrated per the chart below. Feel free to use this Dilution Calculator to help get the right concentration.

Note: We recommend using a gel image to verify you have a single, clean band prior to sending for sequencing. The gel image can also be used to estimate the concentration. We do not recommend using spectrophotometer methods for concentration estimates of crude PCR products as they have been known to give false high readings due to excess components remaining in the reactions.

Length of PCR amplicon Desired ng/µL

100-200 bp5
200-500 bp5-10
500-1000 bp10-20
1000-2000 bp20-40
>2000 bp50

PCR Cleanup will be charged at the following price:

96-well PlatesPCR Cleanup is included at no extra cost!
Individual Samples$1.50 per sample