Sanger Sequencing & PCR


Purified Plasmid DNA
Isolated DNA in plasmids that have undergone
transformation and then plasmid purification.

Purified PCR Products
Sample that has undergone a PCR reaction and
cleanup protocol to remove excess dNTPs and

Premixed DNA and Primer
Either purified plasmid or PCR products already
mixed with primer.

Crude PCR Products
PCR amplified DNA that requires cleanup before

Genomic DNA for PCR
Isolated DNA ready for PCR amplification and sequencing.


Plasmid Growth & Purification


Agar Plates – Bacterial Colonies
Transformed bacterial colonies grown on agar
plates containing antibiotic resistance.

Glycerol Stocks
Suspended bacterial cultures in a stabilized glycerol
stock solution.

Pelleted Cultures
Bacterial cultures grown and pelleted in deep well


Capillary Electrophoresis


Ready to Inject
Samples that have undergone the Big Dye reaction
needing electrophoresis on the ABI instrument
either with or without cleanup.
Fragment Analysis
Fragmented DNA labeled with fluorescent dye that
undergoes capillary electrophoresis.