Sample Submission

Should I print out my order and send it with the samples?

Yes, please!

Can I modify my order after it has been submitted?

No, you cannot. If you have not yet sent your samples you can record changes to the order on the copy of the order form you printed out and are sending along with the samples. If you already sent the samples you can email us at to explain the change or call us at (608)441-8125 / (877)293-7947.

When creating my sample submission form, I would like to attach a file indicating specific instructions. Would you prefer this in a specific format?

For full plates use the full plate template you can save a spreadsheet for each plate you are sending and then upload it in the box next to the plate name on the order form. Any additional notes or information can be submitted in the notes section of your order form.

*Please be sure not to use any characters other than letters, numbers and dashes/underscores.

What if I already submitted my order and forgot to include a spreadsheet?

If you already submitted the order feel free to email us a copy of the spreadsheet,, and indicate which order it should go with.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. If you do not send the samples, we will not process the order.

Which carrier should I use for shipment?

Whichever is most convenient for you; we recommend UPS or FedEx for faster shipping. It is best to send the samples priority overnight so we get them by 10:30 a.m. If you send them standard overnight, we may get them in the morning but sometimes we do not get standard overnight shipments until after 3 p.m. which can delay the results. If you choose to send samples USPS, please understand that there may be an extra day for turnaround as we do not receive those packages until late in the afternoon.

Can I request a custom annealing temperature for my samples?

Yes, but requesting custom annealing temperatures will cause a delay in sequencing results. Note that a PCR annealing temperature does NOT need to be the temperature the sequencing reaction is run at.